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Update fromGIOTEX

Dear Investor,
Giotex was created with proper plan and resources to build digital assets to be utilized in Block Chain Technology. The income from Block Chain industry is enormous, at the same time it requires a huge initial stage investments. We expected a good cash flow at the start-up stage of the business whereas Giotex did not receive cash flow as expected. The slow raise in fund by the team members has not supported to build assets within the planned time. Hence we could not service payout at some point of time.
To overcome the issues, Giotex has decided to dispose the digital assets at cost and pay back the token holders, which requires some reasonable time. We expect the disposal process will take 4-5 months time. Hence it has been decided to repay the token investments by the end of March 2023.
We hope you understand the difficulties faced by Giotex in its progress. We expect your fullest co-operation in the token investment settlement process.

About Us

GIOTEX - Global Investment Orbit Technological Extension.

about us


building the decentralized financial services and infrastructure for the global investment orbit with extension of technology.



Vision of Giotex

Speaker : Mr. SS Sundaram

Host : Mr. Nambiraj

Date & Time : 10-06-2022 01:04 am

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mobile app

Release schedule: 1G-21

  We build state of the Technological Extension through open source apps to access the swap protocol and contribute to the Global Invesment Orbit.

world coverage

Release schedule: 1G-21

  Use GTXT to make in-app purchases in Giotex. With the GTXT token you will be able to purchase short names for Giotex accounts, order bank cards, and receive loyalty points and cashback when making card purchases.

payment options

Giotex Wallet
Release schedule: 1G-21

  Stake GTXT in lending/borrowing protocols, provide liquidity pools in popular DeFi dApps and earn a percentage from each trades.

high liquidity

Release schedule: 1G-21

  Trade assets between blockchains and pay fees in GTXT token. HyperLoop is a cross-chain DEX with instant transaction speeds, micro commissions, and rewards for liquidity providers.

strong security

Release schedule: 1G-21

  Staking of GTXT allows the community to vote for delegates, control the development foundation, vote for defi projects, and for protocol changes / updates.

cost efficiency

Release schedule: 1G-21

  Provide LP tokens in HyperLoop and start earning GTXT tokens on your liquidity.

Utility Functions

GTXT Token

GTXT (ERC20 & BNB) is the utility token of Giotex. GTXT is designed as the all-in-one defi service token, enabling swaps, rewards, liquidity mining, borrowing/lending, exchange, trading, staking and governance. The GTXT token will be used as a bridge between Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, BSC and the zero-fee Giotex blockchain developed in-house.

high liquidity


Using GTXT, the user can make in-app purchases in GIOTEX. With the GTXT token you will be able to purchase and redeem as currency or discounts in the partnership platforms or directly to the bank account.

  • Blockchain Platform
  • D-Apps
  • Application of Trading
  • Application for E-commerce
  • Community Platform
  • Staking Platform


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